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Special-needs Training

What does Special-needs Teachers do?


We recognise that children with special-needs may need a wide range of support. Special-needs classes are some of the support we provide for them. Our special needs training classes included different approaches and techniques to help support the needs of children with Developmental delay, Autism and Down syndrome etc. The classes are designed for children from Pre-School age to Primary students. In order to improve their abilities in the areas of cognitive, language, self care, gross/ fine motor skill and social interaction. We provide games and different types of activities to engage them and enabling them to focus on the task thus improve their learning skills.This  training will address children in the following areas: 

1. Sitting tolerance 
2. Improve their academic learning 
3. Gross motor issue 
4. Self care
5. Language development 
6. Social skills 
7. Emotional regulation 
8. Attention 
9. Imitation 
10. Play skills
11. Cognitive training e.g. Colours, numbers and shapes

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