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Music Therapy

What is Music Therapy?


Music therapy is a professional discipline that uses music to achieve therapeutic aims. Music therapy in special education is the functional use of music to achieve and enhance special education goals, while offering an alternative traditional teaching method.


What does a Music Therapist do?


Music Therapists are skilled and qualified musicians and therapists who assess, design and implement programs to meet the needs of individual students with Special-needs. They use different kinds of musical instruments in the therapy session in order to increase opportunities for cognitive, physical and sensory stimulation. They also aim to promote social skills and interpersonal communication, enhance self-confidence and to enhance a child’s awareness of his/hers immediate environment and others.


Following are a few Music Therapy techniques that our Music Therapists will implement in their sessions:

-          Song writing to facilitate self-expression

-          Movement to music

-          Singing and chanting

-          Educational/instructional songs

-          Involvement in a group

-          Improvisation

-          Instrumental playing

-          Music listening

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