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Advance Social Skills Group:

Who: Year 1-3 mainstream school /special-needs unit


  • greetings and eye contact

  • form a friendship with peers

  • conversational skills

  • take turns and sharing

  • deal with winning and losing

  • attention and listening

  • joining in and provide ideas

  • appropriate social behaviours

  • avoid bullying

  • making and keeping friends

How: social stories, role-play, comic-strip, games, real-life scenario, visual cues, mind reading activities

Attention Skills Group:

Who: Children who has attention difficulties, emotion regulations difficulties and display impulsive behaviours. (Kindergarten)


  • self-awareness and self-regulation strategies

  • whole body listening skills

  • emotions control

  • apply skills learnt to social settings

  • problem solving skills

How: visual cues support, brain storming, social stories, role play, real-life scenario

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