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Educational Psychology

What does Educational Psychologiest do?


Educational Psychologists help children and young people who are experiencing difficulties that may hinder their learning and participation at school and other activities. These difficulties can include a range of emotional and social problems and learning difficulties. Educational Psychologists work in partnership with parents, teachers, social workers, doctors and other people involved in these children’s education.


Educational Psychologists may provide educational recommendations through observations, interviews and assessments of a child. They would also offer a range of appropriate interventions, such as learning programmes and collaborative work with teachers or parents.


Ultimately, the Educational Psychologist will help your child to become an effective learner.



​What is Psycho-Educational Assessment?


A psycho-educational assessment is a thorough individual assessment that involves gathering developmental, family, school, social/emotional, personality/temperament, and health histories and administering and interpreting formal standardized tests. A conclusion is then formulated to show a child’s pattern of strengths, challenges, behaviours, and life circumstances, as a result, specific suggestions and recommendations can be made to help the child reach his/her full potentials.


Following are some of the standardized assessments that we could provide at Shine Therapy Centre:


English IQ Test:


English Learning Test:


Chinese IQ Test :
WPPSI-R (Taiwan)

Chinese Learning:
HKT-P(III) - Primary school learning test
HKT-JS(II) - Junior Secondary

ADHD and Autism assessments

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